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Shenzhen Greatshine LED Tech Ltd.

Shenzhen Greatshine LED Tech Ltd.

Solar Pumping System

PS370 Series Solar Pumping Irrigation Watering System

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PS370 Series Solar Pumping  Irrigation Watering System

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System Features:

1. The system is dispensed with energy storing devices, and stores water instead of electricity. It improves the reliability of the device, at the same time, it lowers the construction and maintenance costs of the system dramatically.

2. Self-developed patented technology adopted for controlling, auto running, excellent reliability, high stability and 98% convert ratio.

3. Full protection function of thunder, dry running, blocking, overload and so on.

4. Convert ratio of the system is 100%.


1.Desert control, sea water desalinization, agricultural irrigation      
2. Daily water supply, forest irrigation, city waterscape

3. Landscape fountains, pasture animal husbandry

4.Islands water supply, wastewater treatment engineering


Product introduction:  certificate: CE

 PS370 series are designed for head range 20-35 metres and water flow

 15-7.5 cubic metres/day ,Please select  the system model accoring to

 your exact need.If you have any questions,just feel free to contact us



Other series specifications:
PS550 series:       head range 15m-52m,water flow 7.5-30 m3/day
pS750 series:       head range 6-61 meters,water flow 7.5-70 m3/day.
PS1100 series:     head range 9-73 meters, water flow 70-7.5 m3/day
PS1500 series:     head range 6.5-95 metres, water flow 15-110 m3/day
PS2200 series:     head range 10-133 meters,water flow 7.5-110 m3/day
PS3000 series:     head range 4-169m,water flow 15-250 m3/day
PS4000 series:     head range 8-207 m ,water flow 315-10 m3/day.
PS5500 series:     head range 17-181m,water flow 15-175 m3/day.
PS7500 series:     head range 15-237m,water flow  400-15 m3/day
PS9200 series:     head range 12-139m,water flow 40-500 m3/day
PS11000 series:   head range 22-159 m, water flow 400-40 m3/day
pS13000 Series:   head range 28-189m,water flow 40-315 m3/day
PS15000 series :  head range 18-209 m,water flow 500-40 m3/day
PS37000 series :  head range 48-220m,water flow 110-500m3/day



  Price Condition

FOB   Shenzhen

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15-25 days

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